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Become a successful betfair trader in minutes with zero effort

Let our betting robot make money for you!

You can't beat a betting robot, so let it bet for you...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why you struggle to make a profit on Betfair yet others seem to be making a fortune?

It's because you are betting against robots!

It's true. All this time you have been thinking you're betting against other punters when in reality, many of these 'punters' are advanced artificial intelligence betting robots working at super high speeds using cutting edge data mining software to secure an unfair advantage against the average human.

In fact, you don't stand a chance.

Not only do these betting robots make a small fortune for their owners,  but they do it completely automatically leaving the humans that own them free to get on with their lives, only ever logging in to Betfair to withdraw their winnings.

If you've been trying to win against the robots then you're on the wrong side of the battle. It's time to switch sides and upgrade your own betting arsenal with your very own betting robot... 


15 Percent Club

We provide a fully automated cloud based betting robot service that has attained a 15% profit nearly every month since it went online in January 2018, with no losing months.

Cloud Based

Step 1

No software to download and no need to leave your computer running. Our betting robot runs in the cloud meaning you just login to our website to personalise your settings and leave it to bet on your Betfair account automatically.

Fully Automated

Step 2

There is no longer any need to pick up tips or place any bets. Once you activate the betting robot it will identify the selections and bet for you on your own Betfair account at a stake that suits you. You have full control.

Runs once a month

Step 3

Our robot starts betting on the first day of every calendar month and will work tirelessly betting on your account until it has attained a 15% net growth of the betting bank leaving you to withdraw your winnings.

Completely Passive Tax-Free Income.

Once activated you can leave this betting on your account indefinitely. You don't need to log in each day to turn it on... it stays on until you turn it off. 

This makes it a 100% passive income generator.

Once activated you are free to live your life, go on holiday, go to work, spend time with your family... you don't need to spend another second worrying about picking up tips or placing bets.

You can leave this running for months without ever logging in. Our robot will continue to bet for you, consistently increasing your Betfair bank balance, and the only thing left for you to do is withdraw and spend your winnings.

Choose your own Staking level . 

At 15 Percent Club we stake 2.5% of the betting bank on each selection.

Choose a betting bank you are comfortable with and set your stake to represent 2.5% of that.

For example, if your betting bank is £500, your stake will be £500 x 2.5% = £12.50.

All you have to do is set the stake at £12.50 and turn it on.

The betting robot will begin betting on the 1st day of each calendar month and will stop betting once it has achieved a growth of 15% for that month.

This might take 4 days or it might take 30 days.

Once it has achieved the 15% target profit it will automatically go into hibernation mode until the 1st day of the next calendar month.

Why Stop Betting At 15% Profit?

You may be wondering why the robot stops betting when it has attained 15% profit. After all, if it hits the target within four days and shuts down for the rest of the month, aren't we wasting valuable betting opportunities?

The strategy the robot follows has been extensively tested for three years before going live. After examining the data, it became clear that the most PROFITABLE strategy overall was to stop betting whenever the 15% target has been reached within any given calendar month.

When running the bot continuously, every day, we found we had some exceptionally profitable months but then some months showing losses, and many at break even. Overall, it still made a very respectable profit but it didn't make quite AS MUCH profit as when it stopped at the 15% target.

Also, when stopping at 15% monthly profit target the bot has only had one losing month and this makes it more consistent and easier to manage the betting bank.

Change The Way You Bet.

If you've been struggling to make a profit from your betting, and if that's important to you, then it's time to change the way you bet to change the way you profit.

15 Percent Club

Why is the price so low?

We are currently setting a maximum stake of £50 per bet to the betting robot while we monitor the effects of the membership on Betfair liquidity, therefore we are setting the subscription at just £59 to ensure members receive a healthy return even after subscription costs.

Once we are satisfied the Betfair market can sustain the automated betting activities of our membership we will enable higher staking levels.

Members can bet at any stake up to £50.


Set up your subscription in minutes and login to the members area.

Set Your Stake

Set your stake at 2.5% of your betting bank. Turn on the robot.

Collect Your Winnings

At the end of the month withdraw your winnings.


If you have any questions, please contact us at:  [email protected]

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